About Mochic

Mochic, an award winning gender-neutral contemporary label created by Morchen Liu.

Morchen aims to create a timeless brand that brings modern twists to oriental silhouettes. 

With designer's Chinese background, he often gets inspired by his childhood memories from people around him through textile, silhouette and colour. The spark of culture clash started when he moved to the U.K to study his way in fashion at the age of 17. The liberty of self expression and sexuality has created a foundation of Mochic, Gender-Neutral. 

”We are a brand that doesn't label gender and there will be no category for genders.“

At Mochic, we design for the next generation by exploring the latest technology and predicting future of fashion. We are thrilled to bring Mochic into Metaverse by creating digital fashion alongside with traditional collection.  

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